Zip Code Creates Mail Delivery Dilemma in Elwood

Published 07/16 2014 05:45PM

Updated 07/16 2014 09:48PM

(ELWOOD, Ks.) People in a small Kansas town say their zip code is causing a big problem.

More than two dozen people showed up for a community meeting in Elwood Wednesday to sound off about confusion surrounding mailing addresses between Elwood and Wathena.

The towns are less than 10 miles apart.

"When 911 went in we were all supposed to have our addresses corrected and everything made right," said Elwood resident Sheryl Mason.

But, that still hasn't happened.

Right now, if an Elwood resident wants to keep their mailing address in Elwood they must use a mailbox inside the post office.

If they prefer to have their mail delivered to their home, they must use a Wathena address and zip code.

Many say they are fed up with the confusion.

"My zip code when it shows online says 66090, that's not correct," said Elwood business owner Susan Goodwin "If they're going to mail me information and they're looking for me, they're not going to get to me."

"I think we deserve to have this issue solved and I think our entire community should be under our 66024, which is our Elwood address," said Mason.

Mason says sometimes her packages don't arrive at all.

"A lot of times it gets sent back," she said. "More times than not they get sent back because they don't know where it's at."

A Post Office spokeswoman says the zip code issue is in the hands of the county.

Doniphan County's Recorder of Deeds and 911 Coordinator oversee addresses and zip codes but no one was available for a comment.

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