Brown Stepping Up for Injured Brandon Flowers

Published 08/20 2012 02:02PM

Updated 08/20 2012 02:14PM

ST JOSEPH, Mo--For a lot of players training camp is an opportunity to earn a starting spot, or at least a spot on the 53-man roster.

Special teams is a great proving ground for a lot of young players That's where defensive back Jalil Brown spent his 2011 season with the Chiefs.

In the world of sports, when someone goes down someone else must step up.
"This is football and guys are going to get banged up some," says Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel. "They're going to have some bumps and bruises."

"Basically it's get myself right and play where ever they need me to play," believes Chiefs cornerback Jalil Brown.

And for the Kansas City Chiefs, cornerback Brandon Flowers is currently out with a bruised foot so a two year veteran named Jalil Brown is covering the corner position.

"There are obviously things I can work on. Everytime you play a game there are things you can come out there and say I can work on that," Brown says.  "I think for the most part I was in the right position. I did my job and whatever defensive call Romeo called I was out there to help the team."

The semi-new role is a leaning experience for Brown taking tips wherever he can get them.
"I definitely say I'm learning. Everyday in practice I'm getting better," he says.

Last year Brown blended into the crowd. This year at corner he's thrust into the spotlight. Matching up with the guys who are there in the spotlight.
"I've been doing it for awhile going back to last year. It's not really a big surprise to me," Brown notes.

Brown's not afraid of a big role.
Last season he was a special teams specialist finishing second on the team in special team tackles with eight.

"Last year was a great opportunity for me to learn behind some great cornerbacks like Brandon Carr and Brandon Flowers. This time around, I have to take it onto the field and show what I learned from those guys."

Right now not even the man in charge knows the time-table for Flowers return.
"We might be exposing him to more injury risk. So if you don't practice you can't play well,"  says Crennel.

So all Brown can do is do what he does best.
"I just want to help the team wherever the coaches want to put me," Brown stresses. "If it's cornerback, I just have to watch film and do better at that position. At the same time I know they want me to play special teams as well. So I have to go out there and play special teams."

Brown gets the start against the Rams tonight.

After that we'll just have to wait and see who gets picked.

(Justin Dougherty, KOLR10 Sports, KC Blitz)

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