Johnson Announces Brown Co. Sheriff Candidacy

Published 03/20 2012 02:20PM

Updated 03/20 2012 02:22PM

Twenty-five year veteran law enforcement officer, Brock Johnson of Early, has announced candidacy in the Republican Primary for Brown County Sheriff. Johnson, a lifelong resident of Brown County, is a former narcotics officer, holds a Master Peace Officer license and seeks to bring his professionalism and fairness to the Sheriff's Office.

When making his announcement, Johnson said, "I will bring professional productive law enforcement to Brown County by creating a unified working relationship with business owners, civic organizations and especially the Brownwood Police Department. Communication and education," he continued, "are crucial to law enforcement effectiveness." He added, "My core obligation to be a working Sheriff will influence all of my management practices."

Brock is currently a police officer at Tarleton State University and is the son of Bob and Frances Johnson. He has been married for 12 years to Tammy Gleaton Johnson, a Science Education major at Tarleton. He has four children and 12 grandchildren. His career began in 1985 at Brownwood Police Department as a patrol officer, becoming a detective later and then tapped as the first narcotics officer of BPD. He then became a special agent with the West Central Texas Interlocal Crimes Task Force, specializing in undercover operations and narcotics investigations and making major drug busts by determining the source of drugs coming into specific areas.

Brock's dedication to law enforcement has been seen in his working with other agencies in joint efforts including DEA, FBI, ATF, Customs, and Border Patrol. Johnson explains what his experience has taught him, saying, "Much more can be done to get drugs off of the streets of Brown County. I don't want to take only the small-time drug users off of the streets; I intend to help cut the supply line by targeting and taking out the major dealers in the area."

Brock Johnson has the credentials and experience to carry out his mission of removing drugs, dealers and users from Brown County streets. The task force on which he served for more than a decade made some of the largest marijuana, heroin and money seizures of the region. Brock personally made 33 felony undercover drug cases in the last few months that the task force was in operation. He added to his comments, "I have children and grandchildren living here in the county and have every personal reason to make this one of the safest and best places to raise a family. Professionally, I have been in public service most of my adult life and I am committed to keeping my friends and neighbors safe."

In addition to his extensive experience, Johnson has over 1500 advanced TCLEOSE training hours and is a Certified TCLEOSE Instructor. He has received special training in child abuse investigation, homicide investigations, finger print analysts, drug lab certified, and numerous narcotic and undercover investigative certifications. He also trained at Blackwater for personal security detail for an Iraq mission.

Johnson explained, "My work on the Task Force, cooperating with 14 different Sheriff's Departments, gave me unique insight into inter-agency cooperation. Because of this, I bring a good mix of experience to the table and will establish more sound administration and employment management practices, as well as offer my extensive experience in fighting crime." He also said, "So much of today's crime and threats to our homes, property and communities is a direct result of drug use and trafficking. After speaking with citizens, I realize there has to be more rural patrol to deter burglaries and other crimes in the county. I will make certain that more officers are trained in drug enforcement investigations and that the entire department sees an improvement in morale and most importantly the integrity."

Brock concluded by saying that he is looking forward to the race, to visiting with Brown County residents during the upcoming campaign and that he welcomes input from those who have specific concerns about the future of the Brown County Sheriff's Office.

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