Chiefs Camp Provides Work for MWSU Student Athletes

Published 07/28 2014 08:57PM

Updated 07/28 2014 10:09PM

(ST. JOSEPH) When Chiefs Training Camp rolls around, it's an adjustment for the students at Missouri Western who are used to a less populous campus. Some of those students are turning in the same early mornings that players and fans to help keep camp running.

Members of the MWSU football, softball, volleyball, basketball, and golf teams are all helping out with the day-to-day operations of camp.

"We get the dirty work that people may not think about when they think about  chiefs camp, but we're happy to do it and we're glad the Chiefs are here," women's basketball player Alex Saxen said. "It's still been fun. You get to know a lot of people you may not get to know by doing it, and obviously you get to watch an NFL team practice."

Saxen, in her second year of working camp, rotates with groups of other athletes and other students in collecting trash, shuttling fans to and from parking lots, closing down tents and vendors, and other duties. The Griffon golf and soccer teams have spent the first week directing traffic and collecting money for parking.

"I've been waking up early every day this summer, so it's not that bad. But, still, not 6:30 early," infielder Morgan Rathmann said. "There are some crazies for sure, but for the most part people are pretty nice."

If camp time means all hands on deck, then Griffon Athletics has its hands in a lot of things. Most fans may not even notice the workers, and MWSU punter Scott Groner is no exception, though he can be found on the field during every practice.

"I'm working with the equipment staff, anything they need on field, help a few coaches out during their drills, bringing everything in from their trucks and getting everything set up for them," he said. 

Hidden in the standard issue Chiefs assistant attire, Groner blends in among the see of red at camp as he helps haul equipment to and from the fields and Griffon Indoor Sports Complex while working with the special teams. He doesn't mind the manual labor as it keeps him around football and away from the odd jobs his fellow student-athletes perform.

"I have to go off and do my own thing for camp so usually all the other guys here will deal with it without me."

Groner also played a big role in relocating the Griffons' football equipment to make room for the Chiefs before camp.

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