Feeding a Football Team: The Pre-Game Tradition

Published 09/16 2011 05:17PM

Updated 09/19 2011 11:15AM

(Wathena, Ks.) Friday night football is in full swing. And, for one northeast Kansas team, that means they're on full feed.

Moms and grandmas work an assembly line in the kitchen of Riverside High School each week to serve up a pre-game feast for the Cyclones.

"That's one thing that boys can do is sit down and eat. And, you know that it's home cookin' and they're going to enjoy it," said Judy Studer.

Studer's grandson plays for Riverside. She said this pre-gram meal as become a tradition she looks forward to week after week.

"It's one of those things where coaches, dads, grandpas can all talk to the boys about football. But, moms and grandmas are the ones that feed them. And, we think this is a great that we can be a part of their football," said Studer.

The coach and players enjoy the special treatment too. They get a sit-down meal on the afternoon of each game day. Then, a sack of snacks they can take on the road so they'll have something to eat after they play.

And, while the meal is a must for these athletes, it's also a bonding opportunity for their number one fans, like mom Mary Kay Nold.

"I've had four kids go through school so my husband and I have revolved our lives around their activities. So, it's going to be an adjustment next year," said Nold.

The players chip in money at the beginning of the season to help pay for meals. The community donates some items as well.

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