McNeely's Livin the Dream

Published 08/05 2011 08:44PM

Updated 08/05 2011 10:47PM

Plattsburg, MO--Plattsburg Head Football Coach Andy McNeely is getting the chance to live his dream, at least for one more season.

"I wanted to be a middle school principal and a head football coach, to me that's the dream job," Andy McNeely, Plattsburg Head Football Coach, said.

He was promoted to Plattsburg Middle School Principal during summer break, but his dream scenario wasn't the ideal situation for the school district or the football program.

"We got a new superintendent and he was  unsure if I could handle both those roles, especially being a first time principal."

Uncertainty led the Plattsburg school district into a mid-summer scramble for a football coach--a time when most football coaches are preparing for fall practice--not looking for work. Plattsburg Athletic Director Brian Banker was dealing with a small timeframe and small applicant pool. He couldn't find the right guy, so the school district did the right thing and let McNeely back on the sidelines, providing stability to the program.

"He's seen my organization and my time management skills and my work ethic. He knows that it's the right situation and he believes in me and I earned his trust so far."

McNeely has the trust of the players.

"I'm excited. I've heard those stories and heard he might not be here," Josh Fernandez, Plattsburg Sr. Guard, said. "He's been here since my freshman year and he's taught me a lot."

"He's a good football coach," Jordon Filbeck, Plattsburg Nose Guard, said. "It's fun. He keeps it fun. Keeps it interesting. Works our tails off."

Coming off a 2-8 season, the Tigers need structure, discipline, and fun to breathe life into this once proud program.

"Our kind of  battle cry this year is play for 20. Plattsburg's made the playoff's 19 times in their history and we want to get to that elusive 20 club."

A playoff run would blindside the KCI Conference, and that's what the Tigers are banking on.

"I like being the underdog," Filbeck said. Then we have no expectations. Nobody's thinking about us, but when we shock you and smack you in the mouth, you better realize who came to play football."

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