2013 Top Sports Stories: West Platte Knows Winning

Published 01/01 2014 08:48AM

Updated 01/01 2014 09:20AM

(WESTON, Mo.) If there was one thing West Platte knew in 2013, it was winning.

"We knew we were going to be good, obviously," head baseball coach Ryan Ramey said. "As far as saying: 'We're going to make it to the state championship game," things just have to fall in place to reach that."

Things did fall in place for Blue Jays boys basketball and baseball, who posted a combined 52-3 record while both played for a state title. 

"If you look back even to when they came in as freshmen, I though back then that if everything kind of worked out and they kept developing as players, there might be something special," head boys basketball coach Zane Tanner said. "You never really plan on the final four."

Tanner and Ramey had a front row seat to the success comprising both coaching staffs. Ramey served as Tanner's assistant for basketball while Tanner returned the favor in the spring. They were quick to say the respective season they spent as head coach was more nerve racking. 

"For sure, basketball. Baseball, I think it's a little more relaxing sport anyway, but as an assistant it's a little bit different.

"I enjoyed both seasons and working with the kids, but when you're the assistant coach you don't take it home and reflect quite as much as what you do as a head coach," Ramey said.

A core of seniors including Dylan Guthrie, Logan Moose, and Matt Heili contributed to both runs. They helped the basketball team tear through their schedule to the Class 2, District 15 Championship and the No. 1 ranking in Missouri at 30-0 leading up to the state title game against Salisbury. 

After a late end to the winter season, the baseball team didn't miss a beat, losing just once in 23 games before a state championship showdown with Hartville. Although the Blue Jays took runner-up on both occasions, the coaches say they wouldn't trade the ride to get there. 

"The impact over my 17 years with kids and parents is just as important as those one or two season that you get to go down there," Tanner said. 

"Trophies and those type of titles are great, but that shouldn't define a career," Ramey added. "It's about working with the kids and enjoying the time that you have with them."

The basketball team already has the KCI Tournament Title under their belts, and with the size and skill of seniors Adam Roe and Bryce Cashman back, they could be poised for another run. 

Adding to the success, West Platte football captured the Class 1, District 7 championship this fall after just two regular season wins.

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