Central Senior Gets Skype Surprise from Father

Published 09/30 2013 10:00PM

Updated 09/30 2013 11:08PM

(ST. JOSEPH) Caitlyn Lindstrom has a strong backing from her family every time she hits the softball diamond.

"It's always been a sport that the whole family has enjoyed," her mother, Katrina, said.

But the Central High School senior has had one vacant spot in her support group: her father, Chet, a member of the Air Force who was deployed oversees on Fathers Day.

"For her to go through her senior year and not have her biggest fan here, it was kind of hard for her to realize that and come to grips with it."

But when it came to his daughter's senior night, Chet just couldn't missed it. So, about two months ago, Caitlyn's mother came up with a surprise.

"I thought: if we can talk through Skype randomly, why can't we try and set that up?"

"I've been looking forward to this for the last week ever since my wife set it up," Chet said over Skype.

So, when it came time for first pitch in game one of Central's doubleheader with Ruskin on Monday, Caitlyn's father was there, visible via Skype on an iPad, to wish her good luck.

"It was kind of a way for her to solidify her year," Katrina said, "to have her biggest fan there to support her even though he is so far away."

Chet was able to stick around the computer and watch part of Caitlyn's last home games, albeit "across the pond", as Katrina put it.

A small glimpse back home, but a big way to make his daughter's senior sendoff even more unforgettable.

"This has been the highlight of the deployment: getting to see Caitlyn's last home game for Central," he said.

"All those guys over at the 139th hold Caitlyn kind of as a family member anyway," Katrina added. "They've all watched her play ball and come up through the ranks, so it's kind of a final chapter for them as well."

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