Halling Reintroducing Herself to Central Volleyball

Published 06/24 2013 10:52PM

Updated 07/12 2013 09:37PM

(ST. JOSEPH) Cassie Halling is no stranger to the Central volleyball program.

She served as an assistant for the past two head coaches, Monica Flaska and Jennifer Holland, before taking a two-year hiatus.

"Taking a couple years off gets you out-of-whac with things," she said. "I did have to think through it again. You have to get fresh ideas, so I went to a couple coaching camps just to get some new ideas.

The break means there will be new faces to work with in Halling's return to the program as head coach, and he's using the summer to get to know the younger girls.

They're certainly getting to know her.

"With a new coach comes new change and new things. I have a lot of expectations that they are becoming aware of. So, I think they truly adjusted well."

This week's Central Volleyball Skills Camp give around 110 girls, young and old, a chance to see that coaching style.

That "young" word has been a big part of an Indian volleyball program that's seen it's share of struggles the past couple years.

Junior Varsity coach Valissa Vanwey, who's watched the girls that will make up the varsity core progress, sees the payoff coming.

"We have upwards of 10 seniors that have been on the team prior," she said. "We've been building momentum the last couple of years, getting girls to go out and getting them to know the game of volleyball. This is a really exciting year in that way."

With just one day of camp in the books, Halling's not pulling any punches in saying that there's still work to be done.

"They're a little out of shape, but that's what the camps for: to get them in shape," she said. "To get them used to the way I want things ran."

"They're used to having to work this hard. Even with a drill, if there's a goal and we don't reach it, there's a consequence for not reaching that goal," Vanwey added. "They know what to expect when they come into volleyball."

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