Justin Houston Talks Returning to the Chiefs

Houston Says He Wants Chiefs to Win Every Game This Season

By Ashley Holder | aholder@kq2.com

Published 08/01 2015 11:53PM

Updated 08/02 2015 12:07AM

The Kansas City Chiefs held their first practice open to the public on Saturday. Lines were wrapped around the university with excited fans eager to see what the chiefs have been up to. But for one Chief this season will be even more special with a little more financial backing behind him.

"I love doing this, this is what I live for," said Chiefs linebacker, Justin Houston.

In July the Chiefs Kingdom was full of smiles and excitement after the Chiefs released they were going to keep linebacker Justin Houston around to a few more years. The Chiefs signed Houston to a six year- $101 million dollar contract, making him the highest paid linebacker in NFL history..

Even with all the money, he says it's still the same program.
Houston said he plans to splurge a little on himself, right after they bring a Super Bowl ring to Kansas City.

"I'm going to continue to do what I do and that's just play ball, be ready for every game, continue to stay focused and continue to work like I been working," said Houston. "Nothing's changed."

Houston recorded a record 22 sacks last year, falling just short of Michael Strahan's 22.5 all-time mark in a season. But he says it's a new year and another chance.

"I put that behind me and look forward to this year use that it help to keep me motivated and just stay focused on the goal at hand and that's to win every game," said Houston.

And a Super Bowl is in Houston's sight.
He said having a strong team beside him pushes him everyday.

"It''s a team thing too just being around these guys that love to work it just rubs off on you like Tamba, I never seen anybody work as hard as Tamba, Eric Berry, Derrick Johnson all these guys that love to work so it just rubs off on you just constantly. It's a team effort," said Houston.

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