KC Blitz - Focus on Matt Cassel

Published 08/10 2012 01:57PM

Updated 08/20 2012 02:00PM

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- There's a quarterback controversy in Kansas City, said no one on the Chiefs.

Though new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll does like his crew.  "They're doing a good job right now. It's a day by day deal. And I'm pleased with where they're at now."

Starting quarterback Matt Cassel is the one with all the eyes on him. But to have a bounce back season, that starts at day one.
"It's the practice, it's the grind, it's the bonding you make with your teammates," Cassel believes.

Cassel came into camp under a light like never before.
Given the circumstance, Cassel is stepping into 2012 after a nine game season in which he threw just 10 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Quite the change from a pro bowl year in 2010.  "A lot of the quarterback's role is if you can get the ball in the playmaker's hands and they can make the plays, it makes it easier on you."

So far the entire mindset of the team is positive. This is a new year for the Chiefs. Their slate is a clean as, well, practice jerseys.
And Cassel is liking how the new jerseys are fitting. "There's no doubt this is the best personal group we've had since we've been in KC. Now it's also about us coming together as an offensive unit."

Part one of the dynamics;  Brian Daboll is back with Cassel for the first time since their New England days.  And he's leading the charge,  bucket hat and all.
"And you have to use the plays that they are good at and keep using those," Daboll says. "Also make sure they understand all the fundamentals they need to do to be successful."

"With all the OTA's is was good to get in and learn all the new things but overall there are a lot of new concepts compared to what we did."

Part two;  Chiefs nation is getting a blast from the past. The tight end role is expected to be as dynamic as since number 88 was in red and gold.

"Anytime you have two tight ends that can do different stuff, it definitely benefits you from an offensive stand point as well as a personal stand point," Cassel tells us.

Cassel just has to do his job. And so far he seems as determined as ever.  "Once you get into season it's hard to find those moments where you can work on the little things and so I like to do that as much as possible now," he says.

Now with all the pieces in place, this offense has potential to be as electric as advertised.

(In St. Joseph, Justin Dougherty, KC Blitz)

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