Longtime Griffon Trainer Nears Retirement

Published 05/16 2013 10:16PM

Updated 05/17 2013 08:01AM

(ST. JOSEPH) Myron Unzicker wouldn't have predicted he'd still be in St. Joseph 30 years after taking a job at Missouri Western.

"Things just worked out where we were able to raise our family here," he said. "Most of my kids graduated from Missouri Western."

That's a family that includes six children -- biological, fostered, and adopted -- that've also become a part of the Griffon family.

"When you get into athletics, it's a way of life," head football coach Jerry Partridge said. "You're family becomes a part of that if you engross yourself in it the right way, and he certainly has."

As head athletic trainer and a physical education teacher, Unzicker has definitely engrained himslef in Western athletics. He's guarenteed to be spotted at most Griffon games and ready to help out with the simplest or biggest of injuries.

It's a job others says goes perfectly with his calm demeanor.

"I've been out there on that field with some pretty graphic injuries. He just doesn't even bat an eye, he's so relaxed."

"He's very even-tempered and even-mannered," head softball coach Jen Bagley said. "I think that's probably really comforting to some of our athletes that get into those situations.

Unzicker's been on the sidelines for some of the ultimate highs and lows for the Griffons. It's culminated in this, his final year, which happened to be the best athletic year in school history.

But you still won't see him bouncing off the walls.

"There will be times I hear him or I'll catch him out of the corner of my eye clapping or giving his little emotional burst, which isn't much," Partridge said.

"Even as a student-athlete in high school, I didn't show a lot of emotion," Unzicker added. "Just go out there and do the job because that's what's expected of you."

With his farewell lap nearing it's end, it's almost time for Myron to hang it up. He's currently in Minnesota with Western baseball in their trek through the NCAA Central Regional.

But, after working days are behind him, he'll still keep the gold close to his heart.

"He's one retired person that I worry about how he's going to spend his days," Bagley said. "He loves to do a lot of different things and tinker around. He's something else."

"It's gone fast," Unzicker added. "I will always bleed black and gold and always be a Griff."

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