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Missouri Hunting Safety

Hunter Education and Safety

Hunter education is required in Missouri, and it qualifies you to buy a firearms hunting permit. Our Discover Hunting workshops teach better shooting and hunting skills. Use this section to find hunter education opportunities near you and online.

Hunting Permits

Once you have your hunter education certificate, you can buy a permit to hunt for deer, turkey, waterfowl, furbearers or small game. You can purchase your permits online, over the phone, at any Department of Conservation office or from more than 1,000 vendors around the state.

Hunters with physical disabilities may apply for a hunting method exemption.

Wildlife Code

Before going into the field, you will need to be familiar with the Missouri Wildlife Code , which outlines all the regulations for hunting, trapping and fishing in Missouri. These regulations change every year, and MDC publishes summaries of the regulations for deer and turkey, waterfowl andmigratory birds prior to each season. A summary of all the changes is also published in the Missouri Conservationist magazine every February.

About Hunter Education

Missouri's Hunter Education Program provides a foundation in hunting safety and ethics. It is required for any hunter born after 1966.Outdoors-2.png

Bowhunter Education

Be a better, safer, more successful bowhunter. Find Missouri bowhunter education classes near you. Outdoors-2.png

Cartridges and Arrows

Newsletter for hunter education, bowhunter education and shooting range volunteers.Outdoors-2.png

Discover Hunting

Discover Hunting programs are for new hunters of all ages. Find one near you. Outdoors-2.png

Hunter Ed Online

If time is a problem, do the written portion of your Missouri Hunter Ed certification online, then attend a required five- to six-hour field day at your convenience. Outdoors-2.png

Hunter Ethics and Safety

Avoid hurting yourself and others while hunting. This page helps you practice safe, ethical hunting in Missouri.