Outdoor Report: Ice Fishing

Published 01/17 2013 10:58PM

Updated 01/18 2013 12:42AM

(MARYVILLE, Mo.) With the cold Winter weather set-in, so is the ice fishing season.

The Missouri Department of Conservation's Fisheries Management Biologist Tory Mason says now is the time to get out your fishing rod.

"Honestly the best time to harvest fish in my opinion is in the Winter time."

Part of the draw to ice fishing is its ease of access.

"You know a lot of people know people with farm ponds, and a common problem with people with farm ponds is that they don't harvest enough fish," Mason said.

Many people miss the opportunity to catch their fair share of fish during the Winter months.
"Blue gills and crappie are very active in the winter time, and honestly, it's kind of an equal playing field," Mason said. "You don't need a boat to do this. You can walk right out where the fish are without a boat. It's a real cheap sport. The equipment's real simple. A $5 rod, $3 wax worms, a little jighead and you're in business."

Mason does stress the importance of being cautious when walking out on the ice. He makes sure the ice is at least three inches thick, and the temperatures have been in the single-digits for a couple days in a row.

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