Chiefs Equipment Arrives in St. Joseph

Published 07/17 2013 12:41AM

Updated 07/19 2013 01:14AM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) It was an early morning for the Chiefs equipment staff Tuesday loading eight trucks with 1,600 pairs of cleats, 300 footballs, 20 pieces of field equipment and more.

That's just for starters."Moving the equipment to training camp was the day we turned to say: 'That's training camp mode for us.' We'll go up to St. Joe today," head equipment manager Allen Wright said. By noon, it would all be at Missouri Western, where the madness has already started.

"It basically happens overnight. Your phone doesn't ring at all and the next day it starts ringing," said Griffon assistant football coach Jay White.

Equipment week has become a summer ritual the past three years at Western; the storm before the storm. It's a dash to prepare campus for Chiefs Kingdom.

But a couple seasons of experience helps.

"It's almost like we're forgetting stuff because it kind of went that easy this year. Most of the setup and the way they're going to do things, how they operate on a daily basis, and what their expectations are haven't changed a whole lot," Director of Athletic Facilities Mike Halloran added.

The layout of camp won't be changing either: same tunnel entrance, same bleacher seating, same climb up and down the Spratt Stadium steps.

"I would guess their goal is by Friday night, they have everything moved in and ready to go," Halloran said.

With a new regime does bring some changes, and one of the biggest will be when fans can watch practice. Other than a 3:30 p.m. start for the first practice on Friday, July 26, it'll be 8:15 sharp every morning.

"We're going to have some very early mornings," White said. "Every year now it's been a different coach, different staff coming in, so it's just kind of 'new."

Once everything is in place, it's up that new staff to take advantage of it."I expect more change this year as opposed to the last couple years," Halloran said. "But I think they've got a pretty good groundwork for the way they want to do things."

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