Fans Excited for Chiefs Arrival

Published 07/28 2010 04:46PM

Updated 07/29 2010 03:57PM

The countdown is on at Missouri Western, just a day away from the Chiefs arrival, and two days away from the start of training camp. Fans are already fired up for the action.

At Legends Sports Bar, fellow fans gathered, wearing their red and showing their hometown pride.

810 AM Sports Radio out of Kansas City stopped by for the second time this week, hosting a remote show about the upcoming camp.

Frank Boal with 810 said, ?I think it's terrific not just for St. Joe, but it'll be terrific for the Chiefs as well, for them to be so close to Kansas City, which is their home base.?

A couple of Chiefs cheerleaders were on hand to sign autographs and meet with fans, and these aren't fair-weather fans.

Joyce Starr, City Council Member and Chiefs fan said, "When they were winning, I was a Chiefs fan when they're losing, I'm a die-hard Chiefs fan. I?m happy that they're here in St. Joe, I'm happy."

Now, with just hours before the players arrive, the anticipation has reached a high point.

Bob Meeks, Chiefs fan said, "I really am looking forward to this Friday, when I see them all out there on the field, it'll be my dream come true."

On Friday, fans can come out to Spratt Stadium at Missouri Western for the Official Chiefs Pep-Rally. It lasts from 11am to 2pm and is open to the public.


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