MWSU Staff Clearing Out for Chiefs' Arrival

Published 07/07 2014 10:13PM

Updated 07/08 2014 12:45AM

(ST. JOSEPH) With the Kansas City Chiefs' equipment set to arrive in one week and the first rookie practice of training camp scheduled to take place a week later, the Missouri Western equipment staff are acting accordingly.

Jay White, head of MWSU Football Athletics Operations, and others began clearing out the locker room, equipment room, and laundry room at the Griffon Indoor Sports Complex on Monday to make room for the Chiefs' gear. 

"Today, we're trying to get as much done as we can and then ride it out towards Friday," White said. "That first Monday after the Fourth of July, we start packing. This is our fifth year doing it and it's just standard protocol now." 

It's well past a 24-hour process as the amount of gear begins to add up once it all has to be relocated.

"We're putting everything on palettes, just getting everything out of every little hole that we can find," MWSU punter Scott Groner said. "We've picked up a few strategies along the way to get things out quickly. The first time we did it, we had things in boxes and individual items that we just threw into the truck with no real order to it."

It's the busiest time of the summer for White and company, who have their own football season to prepare for with the Griffons. For the next month, that preparation and responsibilities with training camp will blend. 

"Once camp starts, I'll still be involved with practice and equipment duties here," White said. "It's a little calmer and less hectic. You focus on football for a couple weeks with the Chiefs and, of course, Missouri Western. Then, hours after the Chiefs leave, our guys move right back in, so it's just a continuous clock of football going on here." 

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