Record Crowd Packs in for Family Fun Day

Published 08/03 2013 10:46PM

Updated 08/04 2013 12:41PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo) The Kansas City Chiefs began their second weekend in St. Joseph this morning, and brought a record crowd with them.

"It's awesome. It's a lot better than kinda being there at the stadium, because you get to be a lot closer to the players. It's just a lot more interactive," said Jimmy Fletcher.

Over 6,000 energetic fans came to Missouri Western for family fun day, a high for the school's practice facilities. And for many fans, it was their first summer experience with the Chiefs.

"That was my frist time, great experience, get to see all the players, get to see some of the new players, like (Eric) Fisher going up against (Branden) Albert and so forth, and the offensive line practice is really interesting, really cool to see man," said Doug Hinshaw.

The cheerleaders, KC Wolf, and even Missouri Western players joined in on the fun, as the Griffons put on a junior camp for kids at Spratt stadium.
"Can't beat the weather today. It was kinda hard with the kids in the rain the other day, but this is awesome," said Sandy Duncan.

"Anybody that gets a chance to come to spring training camp, any kind of camp, any camps that they can go to, I'd recommend going anytime you can," said Keny Sloop.

The excitement of Coach Andy Reid's first camp in St. Joseph is making the short trip from Kansas City easy, as the crowds continue to pack the campus.

"This is great being close to home, you know, come up and see the new players, see what kind of team we'll have," said Sloop.

And not only are fans eager to come back see the team on the field, but the overall atmosphere at camp.

"Pretty nice, Missouri Western has done a really good job putting this together. They've got a great facility here. Vendors are out here. Lots of things to do for the family and kids and so forth, we're having a great time just kinda walking around, checking everything out. Fantastic job by the Chiefs and the university," said Hinshaw.

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