St. Joseph Prepares for Chiefs Camp Visitors

Published 07/25 2012 06:02PM

Updated 07/25 2012 08:50PM

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The Kansas City Chiefs arrive Friday, and Missouri Western isn't the only place preparing for mobs of fans gathering in St. Joseph.
Area businesses are also adding finishing touches to welcome new visitors to town.

Around the city, shades of red are popping up. Banners are welcoming drivers, and up on the roof of the Belt Center, you'll find one of the Kansas City Chiefs ready for action.

"It gives us a sense of pride about having camp here, definitely, we are the heart of Chief's country, so to have camp here so close to Kansas City, it's amazing," says Beth Conway, of the St. Joseph Visitor's Bureau.

Businesses all over are finding different ways to welcome fans into town.

For those like the South Belt Pizza Hut, they're offering special deals.

"If you support your Chiefs, and wear your Chiefs gear in, you get 15% off your dine-in order, and if you spend over $25, you're entered to win a $50 Pizza Hut gift card," says Haley Jennings, Manager at the restaurant.

For those who might be looking for some chiefs gear when they get here, you won't have any problems.

Sporting goods stores like MC Sports are beefing up their Chiefs selections.

"We're starting to carry more of the tail-gating gear, canopies, camp chairs, we also have shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts. Also, we're starting to get more into the novelty stuff like handbags," says Anthony Van Dam, of MC Sports.

The St. Joseph Visitor's Bureau is expecting a larger crowd this year.

"Last year was affected by the flood, and it was hard to get down here from Omaha, so we're definitely expecting some more Omaha traffic, and the lockout last year kind of inhibited some people as to making their plans," says Conway.

The visitor's center is active with their website and social media.

They're telling visitors about as many accommodations as they can.

"We're constantly communicating with our fans so they'll know when practices are, we have a list of specials being offered throughout town, some food discounts, some lodging discounts, some entertainment discounts for them so they can check that out," says Conway.

Many in the area can't wait to get started.

"Kids come in and get their equipment from us, stop by, excited about the Chiefs, with the look in their eye, knowing that their players are here, knowing they can support them. It's a good feeling for me, and the community," Van Dam says.

The St. Joseph Visitor's Bureau is also putting together a community tent at camp.
They want to assist fans with any needs they might have in St. Joseph.

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