Training Camp Sees Record Numbers

Published 08/04 2010 09:42PM

Updated 08/05 2010 02:23PM

Record attendance numbers at Missouri Western Wednesday night as thousands of fans flocked to the Chiefs first night practice.

Around 3,000 fans came out for individual practices this week.

Wednesday night campus officials say as many as 9,000 crammed onto Missouri Western's campus.

Lines were backed up with fans trying to get a parking spot.

Drivers said they were waiting 10 to 15 minutes just to get into a lot.

Extra parking attendants were called in to battle the large crowds.

Earlier Wednesday, Missouri Western lowered the cost of park for lots closest to camp from ten dollars to five based on feedback from fans.

Free parking is still available on other campus lots.

Shuttle buses will also now drop off and pick up passengers closer to camp.

The buses that run from Legend's sports bar will now drop off and pick up passengers in the circle drive on the west side of Looney Complex.

Parking may be cheaper... but not everyone is happy about it.

We talked to one fan tonight that left camp because the lines were so long.

He said he's rather pay a flat fee for duration of camp, so he'd know they're always be a spot waiting for him.

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