300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 seconds

Published 03/29 2011 04:38PM

Updated 10/03 2014 07:07AM

From Green Right Now Reports

This awesome capsulization of the industrial age by the Bay-Area Post Carbon Institute recently won a YouTube award for best non-profit video.

It’s must-see viewing for anyone wondering whether fossil fuels are the root of global problems. Could our dependence on finite, dirty, polluting fossil fuels be devastating the environment, jeopardizing food production, endangering future generations and fueling unending wars? (Hint: The answer could be yes.)

While many have aimed to tell this story and many more have tried to obfuscate the core truth of it, this abbreviated little gem, forced to stick to the facts for the sake of brevity, rises above. Go ahead, you’ve got 300 seconds.

(Credits: Narrated by Richard Heinberg, illustrated by MonstroDesign.com; music from “Can I Kick It?” by Tribe Called Quest.)

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