A Fresher Look at Fall Festival

A Fresher Look at Fall Festival

A touch of green was added to the Southside Fall Festival.
(ST.JOSEPH, Mo.) We saw a fresher look hit the Southside Fall Festival this year.

The Benton High School interact club wanted to have a project this fall.

And for the 25th Southside Fall Festival they added a touch of green to it.

There were six stations set up throughout the grounds for trash, and the students added barrels to recycle cans and bottles in hopes to eliminate waste going to the landfills.

"We're glad they did it, it's a good project. And we hope they continue to do it each year, and that it grows. And people become aware that those stations are there to use," said the Chairman for Southside Fall Festival Gary Pettis.
Pettis said the program was a success, and that a lot of people were using the recycle barrels throughout the weekend.
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