Adopt-A-Family Program Makes Christmas Brighter for Local Family

Adopt-A-Family Program Makes Christmas Brighter for Local Family

The goal of this year's Adopt-A-Family Program is nearly 1,000 families. The AFL-CIO is working to help these families enjoy their holiday season
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Debra Demaranville was speechless as her car was filled with Christmas gifts.

The gifts were from Kelly's Crew, a group of friends who adopted Demaranville, and her son, through the Adopt-A-Family Program.

"It's overwhelming. I'm just, I just, can't tell you how happy I am about it," said Demaranville.

Demaranville had a stroke two years ago.

Her eyesight is now spotty and she can no longer see out of her left eye.

Since then, she's relied on her 17-year-old son for everything.

"Gets my medicine, takes me where I need to go, give me rides, make sure I get to the doctor, help around the house. I couldn't get by without him," said Demaranville.

She said her son deserves the best Christmas because of his hard work throughout the years.

With the help of the Adopt-A-Family Program, that perfect Christmas will come true.

"It really makes it worth it because you know that they need it and you know how much they appreciate it," said Nichi Yeager.

Nichi Yeager is part of Kelly's crew.

She and a group of friends have adopted families for the past four years.

"I think being able to do something this nice for people that you don't know, and knowing that you've been blessed enough to have the things to be able to help other people make it worthwhile," said Yeager.

Demaranville said she couldn't be more grateful for Kelly's Crew and their generosity.

"I'm just thankful there's somebody out there that cares enough about other people to help out," said Demaranville.

There's only six days left until Christmas, and more than 100 families need to be adopted.

If you are interested in adopting, call the AFL-CIO office at 816-364-1131, or click here.

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