AG-Business Expo Meets with County

AG-Business Expo Meets with County

The Agri-Business Expo board met with the County Commissioners office on Wednesday to discuss funding for their new Expo Center.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The board for the proposed Agri-Business Expo Center met with County Commissioners today to discuss funding.

The board has asked for an $800,000 grant from the county's economic development fund to help with the costs.

The Agri-Business Expo Center is a proposed facility on 36 Highway that will bring around 400 new jobs to the area.

County Commissioner RT Turner said the meeting was beneficial in learning more about the county's role.

"What's the least exposure for the county," Turner said. "That if for some reason this wouldn't develop, the county wouldn't be out a huge amount of money."

The Expo is also working with MODOT to complete the facility.
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