Animal Shelter Nurses More than a Dozen Rescued Animals

Animal Shelter Nurses More than a Dozen Rescued Animals

Authorities rescued more than a dozen animals, left in the heat, without proper care. Now, an animal shelter is nursing them back to health.
(CHILLICOTHE, Mo.) Animal cruelty is more common than ever, but what police found in a Chillicothe home, is bizarre.

"They had rabbit cages that weren't being kept up, feces wasn't being cleaned up or removed from the cages. Animals were laying in their own urine and feces. They were left out in the sun, no shade," said Captain Tony Kirkendoll.

Police received an anonymous call Monday afternoon, reporting a dead rabbit at the 400 block of Elm Street.

They found the house in poor condition, two decomposed rabbits, and 17 neglected animals.

"It's devastating for rabbits. They will stress out, especially in this heat. So, it was a little scary. We weren't sure if we were going to lose more. We're in a nice, cool room right now. We're eating good, we're drinking good, and we're pooping good. So, these little guys are going to be fine," said Lesley Patek.

Lesley Patek works at the animal shelter, in Chillicothe, where the animals are now being cared for.

The rabbits may look healthy now, but all 16 of them were underweight when they were rescued.

The dog had sores on its back and no food in its system.

"They're all young rabbits. These three here are just babies, probably three or four months. And probably these three over here, maybe five or six months. And these are like under a year," Patek said.

The Chillicothe Animal Shelter says the animals will be up for adoption.

29-year-old James Venneman, of Chillicothe, was cited Wednesday for 18 acts of animal cruelty and neglect.

Police say they usually try to give people the opportunity to fix the problem, but this case was too severe.

Venneman will head to court to learn his punishment later.

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