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Animal Shelter Seeks Help as Facility Sees More Dogs, Cats

Numbers are higher than usual for this time of year. The shelter is running out of room, forcing them to turn to other rescue centers for help.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) With the cold weather settling in, the St. Joseph Animal Shelter has seen more animals making their way through the doors.
"Whenever the cold weather hits, all the kitties and puppies come in because they have no place to go. All summer they are kind of safe, though people bring them in 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But when the cold hits, we are bombarded with animals,” said Lucinda Kerns, Friends of the Shelter.
Kerns says the numbers are higher than usual for this time of the year.
"Right now, through, the last couple months, I would say from September, our adoptions have not been as good as earlier," said Kerns.
Adult cats are among the most common animals to end up at the shelter.
"We are not getting a lot of kittens. A lot of the cats that we are seeing are unwanted cats so I would just urge that they need to re-home their animals or find other avenues before they bring them into the shelter," said Holly Hendricks, St. Joseph Animal Shelter.
The shelter is also running out of room to keep all of the animals, forcing them to turn to other rescue centers.
"We transfer almost every week some animals to keep us from getting overloaded and they do get adopted from those places," said Kerns.
They are also urging anyone to become a foster home for the animals that are sick, injured or are too young to be adopted.
"The other thing that we are really trying to focus on right now is finding foster homes with people who are interested," said Hendricks.
The shelter’s main goal is to get people to come down to the shelter and help in their efforts to help find the animals new homes.

"Please come down and help us adopted, we could use the extra cat litter," said Kerns.

Click here for a link to the animals available for adoption.
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