Beautiful Weather Brings People Outside for Fun in the Sun

Beautiful Weather Brings People Outside for Fun in the Sun

Beautiful brought St. Joseph residents out of the house to wash cars, and enjoy a day at the park.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The beautiful brought a lot of people out the house to get all the gunk off of their cars.

Car washes were packed today, especially Auto Pride Car Wash.

Many were out enjoying the beautiful weather, and making their cars beautiful again.

Snow and ice piled on top of cars for the past few weeks, and some people waited as long as 30 minutes to get it all off.

"Good day to take advantage of the weather and wash the car," said Richard Paul.

"Forever it seems like. A couple days, been looking forward to it," said Kim Curiel.

"Most of the road salt the city put down, gets all over everything and starts rusting it. So, you have to get it off the first chance you can," said Bill Nickols.

People also finally had the chance to head to the park

Bartlett Park, in St. Joseph, was full on people of all ages.

There were adults playing catch, and kids who ran around and climbed on the jungle gym.

St. Joseph's parks are popular attractions in town.

Families and kids, said they're glad they could finally get out of the house to enjoy it.

"Everything for the family. Cooped up inside the house all winter. It's very good to come outside and play on the playground, run around, kick the ball, everything that we could do," said Jamal Cole.

There are more than two dozen parks in St. Joseph.

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