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Buchanan Officials Hold Final Meeting to Finalize 2014 Budget

Commissioners look over the new budget, which allows for some extra revenues collected in 2013.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Buchanan County's 2014 budget is balanced and ready to be adopted.

Per state law, the county commissioners held a public hearing about the new budget.

Presiding Commissioner RT Turner says there aren't many changes to this year's budget.

But they did see an increase in tax revenues in 2013, and will spend that money on county employees.

"It actually allowed us to give employees a small raise this year, which is the first time in five years," Turner said.  "It's small.  But at least it's something on the positive side for employees.  We're happy we're able to do that this year."

While the budget is pretty much finalized now, it will officially be adopted on Friday.
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