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Business Students Get a Taste of the 'Real World' in Mock Interviews

Youngsters learn valuable lessons about job interviews by giving them a shot in a controlled setting.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Business students at Central High School are getting a taste of the "real world" in a series of job interviews.

Guest interviewers get to know underclassmen, who have been prepped on what to wear and how to write a resume.

Each interview lasts about ten minutes.

The interviewers then score them on every aspect of the interview: their professionalism, confidence, and behavior.

Students are not interviewing for an actual job; they're just getting a feel for what the interview experience is actually like.

Their teachers say it's good for them to do this at an early age.

"For most of the kids that go through this, it's their first experience with professionalism, with interviewing and a taste of the real world," said business teacher Lori Fordyce.  "It's an eye-opening experience; what they take away is enormous.  What they learn about themselves is fantastic."

Fordyce says nearly one hundred students took part in the mock interview sessions.
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