Chiefs Camp Draws Attention to Businesses Along I-29

Chiefs Camp Draws Attention to Businesses Along I-29

The Chiefs Training Camp is drawing attention to businesses along I-29.<BR>

(St. Joseph, Mo.)  Several businesses along I-29 are already seeing an increase in traffic.

Most of the gas stations have the "Train Hard" banners hanging up outside. 

A lot of employees are wearing their "Ask Me about the Chiefs Camp" buttons.

Some businesses are also giving out training camp schedules for people to take.  The Jesse James Antique Mall, is about five miles up the road from the training camp.

They've been getting a lot of phone calls from people wanting hotel information.

As thousands of people travel to St. Joseph, businesses welcome the extra visitors.

"This is kind of unusual for a Thursday.  We had people coming in the door first thing this morning and they're buying, they're looking, they're excited, it's a happy group," said Jesse James Antique Mall Manager, Pat Danner.

Several hotels along the highway are filling up fast too.  Some have had rooms booked two months in advance.

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