Chiefs Camp Volunteers Make St. Joe Proud

Chiefs Camp Volunteers Make St. Joe Proud

As Chiefs Training Camp winds down this week, Missouri Western is counting the volunteer hours put in so far.
(St. Joseph, Mo.)  They've  helped set up tents, signs and fencing.  They've helped with parking, security and customer service.  They are the thousands of volunteers who have given their time to help make the Chiefs Training Camp a success.

"Certainly the enormity of the project has required a lot of people to be involved from the planning, the execution to the entire project," said Missouri Western State University Athletic Director Dave Williams.

So far to date, Western has brought in almost 50,000 people to help.  Since no one really knew what to expect crowd wise before camp started,  Western focused a large part of their volunteers on parking.

"I've had any number of people come up and say you're volunteers at the parking lots, they're all so friendly and well informed, that helps our image," said VP for University Advancement Dan Nicoson.

The university even tapped into the local high school football teams to help with security.

"I think it's been a real neat experience for the area high school kids to be able to be on the field and have a duty, and still do that duty of basic security of keeping people off fences and not standing in front of bleachers like we've asked them to do, but also be up close and personal with Matt Cassel as he walks by and says what's up buddy," added Williams.

But, the volunteerism goes beyond just camp.  It spills out into the community as several local businesses opened their doors to make those not from here, feel at home.

"It serves our own community psyche well if you will to know that we all pitched in to make something important to happen," said Nicoson.

As Chiefs Camp comes to a close, Western plans to see what changes need to be made for next year.  While there may be some tweaks here and there, one thing that will remain is the volunteers.

Chiefs Camp officially ends on Thursday, August 19th.  

Western expects by that time they'll have had about 60,000 people help out.
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