Chiefs Fans Travel to Training Camp Despite Soggy Monday

Chiefs Fans Travel to Training Camp Despite Soggy Monday

Despite a rainy start, hundreds of fans still traveled from all over to see the Chiefs in action at Missouri Western.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Brandon Wise is as die hard a Kansas City Chiefs fan as you'll ever meet.

"I've spent my whole life as a Chiefs fan.  I think I went to my first game when I was still in my mom's stomach.  I've lived and died Chiefs," Wise said, emphasizing that on Sundays in the fall his mood can be determined by how well his team plays.

Hailing from south of Wichita, Kansas, Wise joins hundreds of other football fans at Chiefs Training Camp in St. Joseph.

And like many of these folks, he's here with his family.

"I've spent my whole life going to Chiefs games with him, so why not come to camp with them?" Wise said.

Tom Wise, Brandon's father, says the family has had season tickets for years now.

"We bought the tickets the year [Brandon] was born and he's 24.  It's always been a family deal," Tom said.

With grey skies and soggy ground, plenty of poncho-clad, umbrella-wielding football fans still made it out.

The players on the field are fine; but the fans say they need a game plan.

"We [also] have umbrellas and there's plenty of tents and stuff around.  So we're ready!" Tom Wise said.

Officials at training camp say it would take extreme weather, like widespread lightning or a severe storm, to actually cancel a practice.

In weather like on Monday morning, the fans are encouraged to do what they can to be as comfortable as possible.

For the Wise family, that's not a problem; they'll be here no matter what.

Says Tom: "We gotta come up and support the team, rain or shine."

Morning practices are free to attend.

Chiefs Training Camp runs through Wednesday, August 14, at Missouri Western State University.

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