Chiefs Ready for Pads at Practice

Chiefs Ready for Pads at Practice

The Chiefs will wear pads at practice for the first time on Sunday.

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Day three of Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp marks the first practice with pads.

The team spent the first couple days in helmets, jerseys and shorts, but now things take a move toward more of a football feel.

"You get to have some contact," head coach Romeo Crennel said with a smile during his Sunday morning press conference. "I mean shorts are okay, but this is football. It's a contact game."

The NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement requires a three-day acclimation period for players allowing them to get used to the football environment before strapping on pads.

The rule, which is in place for the safety of the players, will leave offensive tackle Branden Albert in shorts for one more practice before he is able to join his teammates in contact drills.

Albert arrived late to camp, with Crennel's permission, due to family issues.

"He'll be on the bike, and he'll be over with Mike Clark and those other guys conditioning," Crennel said of Albert.

Cornerback Jacques Reeves is still absent from camp due to family issues. Crennel says he will need the same three-day period before he can go full pads just like Albert.

As the Chiefs head into practice Sunday afternoon, Kansas City's head coach has just one thing to say to his team.

"We're going to hit. We're going to run. And we're going to hustle."
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