Christmas Eve Fire Strands Local Woman

Christmas Eve Fire Strands Local Woman

A late evening fire puts a woman out of her home.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Watching the St. Joseph Fire Department put out flames from a house fire isn't the ideal way to spend Christmas Eve.

But, it's how a St. Joseph woman spent hers.

"Appears it was a car that caught on fire in an attached garage, and spread into the attack and into the house," said Bob Bangerter.

The fire broke out at 2209 Bryce Street, a little before 5:30 Tuesday evening. 

The elderly woman, who's name or age has not yet been released, told KQ2 she was cooking dinner when she smelled smoke.

She called 911 immediately.

The dispatcher told her to leave the house, and as soon as she did, the garage became engulfed in flames.

"There's significant damage to the house and of course the car. I think you can see over there in the driveway it a total loss," said Bangerter.

Firefighters put out a bulk of the fire in a short amount of time.

But, the car continued to leak fuel into the garage, causing sparks and making it difficult for them to fully contain the fire.

"We had a toe truck come help pull it out. Then we were able to get it extinguished completely," said Bangerter.

The woman was the only person in the house at the time.

Firefighters said she is now safe at a neighbors house with family and friends.

"She got out of the house when she realized there was a fire. She's seems fine right now," said Bangerter.

The St. Joseph Fire Department said the woman was not injured.

They are still investigating the cause of the fire.
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