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City Council Approves for Dog Park in St. Joseph

Talks of a dog park in St. Joseph continued Wednesday afternoon.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) St. Joseph City Council approved a proposal for a dog park in St. Joseph, located at Corby Park.

The park would be 4.5 acres, including a separate area for small dogs.

All dogs will need to be vaccinated and registered through the city to use the park.

"A lot of cities of our similar size have dog parks, and it's something that we really feel the city could benefit from. It's also going to be an opportunity for animal control to bring a positive presence to the dog park, and get to know some of the citizens and dog owners of the city," said Holly Hendricks.

The proposed cost for the large and small dog park area is a little more than $100,000.

The City Council allocated $150,000 to cover it.

Bids will out in the spring.
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