City Crews Scramble to Clean Up Streets After Snowfall

City Crews Scramble to Clean Up Streets After Snowfall

The snow has stopped, but the clean up continues. The first snowfall of the winter season brought nearly a foot of snow in some areas. Here in St. Joseph, crews worked before and after the snowfall to clean up the mess.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) It was all hands on deck as The City of St. Joseph scrambled to clean up the mess from the first significant snow fall of the season.

Wesley Jones, along with more than a dozen others, woke up at the crack of dawn to clean roads.

"It may take all day, or even two days, depending on how deep the snow is just to do the emergency routes," said Wesley Jones.

There are about 10 emergency routes in town.

All the streets in St. Joseph make up more than 400 miles.

"The Parks Department takes care of, like, the Parkway, or not the Parkway, but the sidewalk areas up through the Parkway, and the parks and stuff," said Jones.

But, other than that, the city takes care of the rest.

Jones drove the lead truck that pushes the snow to the side.

The second truck caught whatever is leftover.

"The second truck is the one that pretty much does your salting. He runs out of salt, you trade places with the lead truck," said Jones.

Each city truck contains about six tons of salt.

The salt is mixed with beet juice to help the snow melt faster.

That doesn't mean Jones and the rest of the city get to relax.

"Until it's done, you're working seven days a week," said Jones.

That's exactly what he plans to do.

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