Cold Snap Creates Business for Towing Companies, Mechanics

Cold Snap Creates Business for Towing Companies, Mechanics

Tow companies and repair shops are especially busy when the weather is rough. They responded to slide-offs and dead batteries as temperatures dropped.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The weekend snow slowed drivers during their Monday morning commute. Others needed a little extra help when they found themselves stranded.

Tow companies and auto body shops say wintry weather always brings a boost in business.

"We're busy year round, but it picks up probably 10 percent or so for the snowy weather," said R & W Tow Owner Rick Kamler.

Kamler said his crews responded to a number drivers stranded in cars with dead batteries.

"If a battery is weak, the cold temperatures will zap the battery as far as storage of power," said Dale Eaton, Collision Repair Specialists.

His company has seen an increase in battery-related issues the past week as temperatures dropped to the teens and even single digits.

"The cold temperatures are harder on everything," he said. "The fluids are thicker, the belts are more brittle."

And if you can't move your car to a warmer place like a garage, Eaton said parking in an area where the wind is blocked could help.

Both companies expect to be busy throughout the winter.

"People think we love snow," Kamler said. "We hate snow. We're busy enough."
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