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Cold Snap Creates Problems Across the Country

The dangerous arctic blast is crippling parts the country and plunging temperatures to record-breaking lows
(ABC) Much of the U.S. resembled the North Pole to start the day on Tuesday.

A dangerous arctic blast is crippling the country and plunging temperatures to record-breaking lows.

It's called a "polar vortex," a whirlpool of frigid arctic air bringing freezing temperatures to every state but Hawaii.

The cold has created a frozen nightmare for travelers, stranding commuters on the roads, at airports and on the tracks.

A Chicago family was trapped in their car for more than fifteen hours.

Air travel is no better. Jet Blue cancelled all flights Monday at four major East Coast hubs. Some flights have resumed.

"I'm pretty upset, but I mean it doesn't do any good to get angry because there are so many in the same boat," said Elisa Feller, frustrated traveler.

Five hundred Amtrak passengers were stranded overnight outside Chicago when their trains were trapped by blowing, drifting snow.

The winter wallop as created some amazing polar portraits. Lake Michigan is steaming cold, where the water is far warmer than the freezing air.

A water main break threatened to turn a Columbus, Ohio street into an ice rink.

The deep freeze has also shut down schools and iced over fountains in the deep south.

In Washington, the frigid air and whipping winds are bone-chilling. The arctic blast can be downright dangerous. In parts of the country, frostbite can occur in just 5 minutes.
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