Conflicting Views on U.S. Solar Audits

Conflicting Views on U.S. Solar Audits

Auditor tells U.S. Solar customer major discrepancy in paperwork. U.S. Solar says rebate was accurate and work completed as stated.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) There are conflicting stories after an audit of work completed by a local solar panel company.

KCP&L is reviewing all work done by U.S. Solar after the utility said the company had submitted incorrect paperwork to guarantee larger rebates than were deserved.

KQ2 talked with another U.S. Solar customers who was audited this week.

"He mentioned that his paperwork did not match the paperwork and the count that he saw on my roof," said Martin Modlin, who had 44 panels installed at his home in 2012. "So, there will probably be a follow up audit, a more detailed audit, where they would examine both the inside components and outside."

Modlin says the auditor told him the number of panels U.S. Solar submitted to KCP&L for rebate was much higher.

However, a U.S. Solar representative tells KQ2 the rebate on the project was $21,120, which is the accurate amount for the work completed.

KCP&L and the FBI began an investigation into U.S. Solar when it was discovered this summer that the company had submitted faulty reports for work done for higher energy rebate payments.

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