Construction Begins on Whitehead Creek Sewage Bypass Pipeline

Construction Begins on Whitehead Creek Sewage Bypass Pipeline

A multimillion dollar project to redirect storm water and creek water away from St. Joseph's sewage treatment plant has begun construction.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A multimillion-dollar project to redirect storm water away from St. Joseph's sewer system is finally beginning its construction.

It's for the big sewage pipe located at the Whitehead Creek near Garfield and 17th, that runs from that area near Lifeline Foods to the sewage treatment plant and the Missouri River.

"During storm events, you get a great big mix.  [That pipe] can't handle it.  It's a big large pipe, it's 16 feet in diameter.  A lot of that goes to the river," said city engineer Roger Sparks.

To fit new EPA guidelines the city of St. Joseph will install a new pipe near Whitehead Creek.

The new pipe will take storm water to the Missouri River, and not to the sewage treatment plant.

"Our treatment plant treats two million gallons or more a day of this creek water.  And that's a waste of our treatment plant.  It'll help save us there," Sparks said.

The city engineer says crews have already started clearing trees and preparing the land for the new pipe.

Sparks says the "fun stuff" will begin in about a month. That's when they'll actually be digging through the soil to carve out the place for the new pipe.

The project is costing the city just over $11 million.

Sparks says it's taken some time to begin the construction phase, but so far it's all gone according to plan.

"It's a project that involves railroads, utilities, contractors, city, and residents all along it.  So far everybody has been coordinating very well.  We hope that continues.  If it does we should have a very smooth project," he said.

And if everyone involved continues to work so well together, the City of St. Joseph hopes this project will be completed in the next 12-14 months.  Then, it's onto the next project. 

The next project in the sewage bypass project will be at the Black Snake Watershed.

That runs in the Northend of St. Joseph, parallel to St. Joseph Avenue.
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