Country Club Village Trustees Discuss Tax Dispute

Country Club Village Trustees Discuss Tax Dispute

Residents threaten to ask for state audit in public session debating use of motor fuel and sales tax collection.
(COUNTRY CLUB VILLAGE, Mo.) Leaders in Country Club Village are trying to avoid a costly state audit of the books.

At issue is how Country Club Village spends money collected through the state motor fuel tax and a half-cent Village sales tax.

Some say state law and a local initiative passed in 1999 dictate the funds be directed to a special fund to pay for road repairs. But, at a board of trustees meeting Tuesday, the board tried to publicly answer why those tax dollars go into the general village budget instead of roads.

"I think that everybody would agree that there's a difference of opinion on how philosophicaly we might allocate our budget and line items that go into it and how we form it and what priorities we have," said Trustee Owen Compton.

Some at the meeting said they were concerned over a state attorney general opinion saying the specific tax dollars should be targeted only toward road repair.

"I voted in 1999 for a half-cent sales tax for the streets. I have several other people recall that," said village resident John Clemens.

Residents say they have the signatures needed to petition the state auditor's office to come in and clear up the confusion, but have so far held off submitting the request.

If a state audit is conducted, it could cost Country Club Village anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000.

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