Couple Uses Christmas Lights to Share Hope and Joy

Couple Uses Christmas Lights to Share Hope and Joy

A Plattsburg couple is using Christmas lights to share their joy. After losing a group of loved ones, they started decorating their land as a way to grieve, and show people that the gift of happiness, goes on.
(PLATTSBURG, Mo.) It all started with one sign.

"We started again, with Jesus Saves, and the following year we started again and we made it seven signs," said Sylvia Conner.

Now, they're at 22 signs.

For the past seven years, Sylvia and Darell Conner have turned five acres of their farm land into Christmas paradise.

But, they don't do it for show.

In 2007, they lost a group of family members; their parents and two little girls.

They started decorating their land as a way to grieve and honor their loved ones.

"With all of the people, we were losing everyone we lost, and then our last little girl, we just, it was easier for me to process because we always decorated for our little girls, and we just lit the sky for them," said Sylvia.

Each sign is hand-made.

They use rebarb to make the words, and zip ties to add the Christmas lights.

"We just use scrap pipe and stuff, and we started building the signs and Darell started making them," said Sylvia.

There's about 450 Christmas lights on each sign.

If you do the math, that's close to 10,000 lights on the yard; not including the wreaths, Christmas trees and other decorations.

But, the Conners don't look at the numbers.

They look at the words.

"The words that we see now, love, joy, peace, all these things, mean something to them, and to us. Hope, faith; we had to hang on to hope and faith to get through what we got through," said Sylvia.

The family said if their loved ones were here, one sign, in particular, would stick out.

"Jesus Saves would be the one. Why? Because he does. I believe that, and that's our faith. We believe that he does save. And, even if it wasn't for him we wouldn't be here, and he is the reason for the season in the first place," said Sylvia.

The Conners are working on their next Christmas display, which will be The Polar Express train.

They hope to finish it by next Christmas.

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