Cyber Monday Attracts Millions

Cyber Monday Attracts Millions

Millions of people got online to find good deals on Cyber Monday.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) As the holiday season is in full force, shoppers are busy looking for that perfect deal.

For those not wanting to get out of the house, Cyber Monday could be the perfect alternative.

The Monday after Thanksgiving has become a signature day for online sales.

Many big retailers are offering sales and free shipping.
Economics Professor Pat McMurry studies trends in the market.

"Sales on Black Friday were down," he said. "They stay away from those days because they know they can do just as well online."

Online shoppers are expected to spend more than one and a half billion dollars on Cyber Monday.

"I think there is going to be more cyber shopping in the future because it's going to be more easy," McMurry said.

The Performing Arts Association of St. Joseph also had some specials online.

"We have a great show coming up in February and we wanted to do a deal why not start it on Cyber Monday," Executive Director Beth Sharp said.

For those that are shipping their products bought on Cyber Monday, logistic companies are prospering.

Fed-Ex is expecting their biggest day in history, handling 22 million packages.

"Peak season feels like a whole year, but it's only like three months," a Fed-Ex Ground employee said.

Many companies will continue to have online deals throughout the week.
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