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A Successful Harvest at Mark Twain Elementary

A community garden at Mark Twain Elementary School is helping families in need and teaching kids the value of giving back.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.)  Some St. Joseph elementary schools are seeing the fruits of their labors at community gardens planted this year.  With some vegetables ripe for the picking, the community came out to harvest at the Mark Twain Elementary School garden.  It's the first time some of the kids have seen what they're going to eat, actually growing.  Through social media, word spread about the harvest and 18 families in need were able to be helped.

"You plant them and it's kind of cool at the end of the year to see that some of the gardens are harvesting over 1500 pounds of vegetables by the end of the year so it's awesome.  A lot of the things like the lettuce, you can pick it, cut it back and it grows back.  So some of the stuff, it never stops until you actually pull it all the way out of the garden," said Drew Bouge of Live Well St. Joe.

While 225 pounds of vegetables was collected on Monday Drew says that wasn't even half of them.
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