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Authorities Strive to Keep Bikers Safe

Harsh winter conditions have created street damage, the Missouri Dept. of Highway Patrol wants bikers to drive with caution.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Harsh winter conditions have created street damage. Now, the Missouri Highway Patrol and the Missouri Department of Transportation are asking bikers to drive with caution.

They're fun to look and even more fun to ride but motorcycles can be dangerous.

As temperatures climb, authorities are urging bikers to drive with caution. They want those on motorcycles to watch out for rough road patches following a rough winter.

"Motorcycles are on two wheels so it makes them a little more unstable than a four wheel car. They have to pay extra attention and look for those potholes. If they drop a wheel off in a pothole, they can lose control and cause an accident," stated Missouri State Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Sergeant Jacob Angle.

Although MoDOT is working to fill potholes and repair roads, it's still important to pay attention to arrive alive.

"It's the obligation of every motorist on the road, even if you're in a car, especially on a motorcycle to exercise caution and be a good defensive driver," said Jeff Crawford.

Crawford is a team member at the St. Joe Harley-Davidson. He has nearly 30 years of experience riding bikes. Crawford says since drivers don't see motorcycles until the very last second, it's important to take extra precautions.

"You've kinda gotta look further up ahead of the road. You've gotta look ahead of yourself and try to focus on the road ahead of you," added Crawford.

Harley-Davidson also has bikers take a driver's course before getting on the road.

"Taking the course is also going to teach you things that you need to know before getting on a motorcycle," said Crawford.

But the best way to stay safe while riding a bike is by simply wearing a helmet. Not only is it the law, it could save your life. Whether you're behind the wheel of a car or a bike, law enforcement has one goal and that's keeping you safe.

"We're always concerned about safety on the roadways, everyone's safety," commented Angle.

Experts say the best time to ride a bike is during the day when it's bright and easier to see. May is also motorcycle safety and awareness month.

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