Road Conditions Hold Steady and Temperatures Stay Above Freezing

Road Conditions Hold Steady and Temperatures Stay Above Freezing

St. Joseph road crews remain on standby and ready to treat roads as they begin to freeze.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) As temperatures stayed steady Friday evening, there were plenty of people out and about.

A light mist fell throughout the evening and roads were wet, but they were not freezing.

There appeared to be no problems getting around town.

Crews for the St. Joseph Public Works Department, as of 10 p.m. Friday night, have not treated any roads.

"We're right on the line and we have some mist or rain coming down," said Keven Schneider, Keven Schneider, superintendent of streets and sewers for the city. "It's almost to the point where if we put some salt down, it'd get washed away. We don't want to waste salt."

Schneider says his department will monitor the roads overnight. If they notice freezing, he says he can have on-call crews on the streets within 40 minutes.

"We just had one supervisor come down off the emergency routes," Schneider said. "He ran a few of those. Everything looked ok. We're going to keep doing that on and off, depending on the temperature, really."

With temperatures staying relatively mild overnight, Schneider says any road treatments will be with salt.
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