Chiefs Field Equipment Arrives at MWSU

Chiefs Field Equipment Arrives at MWSU

The first of the Chiefs' equipment is moves to St. Joseph for next week's start to training camp.
(ST. JOSEPH) Chiefs Training Camp continues to take shape as the team's operation moves north.

The field equipment arrived at Missouri Western on Monday morning, coming in waves of pads, sleds, and netting along with other tents and vendors as well.

The locker and weight room equipment will show up on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is a bit tricker process to place in time for the players' arrival. 

"There's a lot more detailed work that we do from unloading trucks, from the lockers to the weight room equipment, the training room equipment," Jay White of MWSU Athletics Operations said. "I'm just helping get ready, get things in place, set up lockers, the field, and getting ready for practice next week."

"Everything's falling into place for us just like we've been doing it for years now."

White and members of the MWSU Football equipment staff spent last week clearing out the Griffon Indoor Sports Complex to make room for the Chiefs' gear. 

Rookies will move in to their temporary homes in Scanlon Hall on campus on Sunday. 
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