City Removes Truckloads of Snow from Downtown Streets

City Removes Truckloads of Snow from Downtown Streets

The City of St. Joseph Public Works & Transportation Department began clearing piles of snow from downtown Monday.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Drivers in downtown St. Joseph faced a maze of road closures, as the city cleared mounds of snow from curbs and sidewalks Monday.

"There's been requests from the public that we assist in the excessive amount of snowfall that we've received here lately," said Douglas Plowman, a supervisor with the Parks and Recreation Department.

Crews piled, cleared and hauled snow away from downtown streets and local businesses.

"Mostly what's on the sidewalks and along the curbs," Plowman added.

The process was a full team effort. The city closed sections of streets at a time as workers shoveled snow from the sidewalk. Bobcats then plowed this snow into piles and scooped them into waiting dump trucks.

"It's not melting off so we are down here to assist," Plowman said.

They take the snow to an empty lot near Riverfront Park in St. Joseph. They have started a massive pile of snow that surrounds the lot.

"We will pile it up down there until there is no more room," Plowman said.

The clean up was long overdue for some local businesses that requested the removal.

Cafe Pony Espresso is one of the only businesses that had its sidewalk cleared by the city after the initial snowfall last week.

"That's probably because the city owns this building," said Owner Nancy Goode. "It's part of the Missouri Theater complex."

Goode said the street clean up will hopefully help her business and others downtown during this slow time of year.

"It'll give them more places to park on the street and that's the main thing," she said.

Crews expect the snow to be cleared this week.
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