Clean Line Energy President Visits St. Joseph

Clean Line Energy President Visits St. Joseph

The company is responsible for building the Grain Belt Express.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The president of Clean Line Energy Partners, the company behind the Grain Belt Express, visited St. Joseph on Tuesday to meet with landowners and monitor progress.

The Grain Belt Express is a proposed energy line that will transport energy from western Kansas to states further east.

Michael Skelly, a businessman based in Houston, is touring different areas where the proposed energy line will run.

Skelly talked with community leaders, superintendents, and members of his team.

His company submitted approval from the Missouri Public Service Commission a few weeks ago.

Despite backlash from some landowners, Skelly said they will be compensating them well.

"We're doing something somewhat unique in the power industry," said Skelly. "We will pay folks a hundred percent the fee value of the land on which we have an easement and we will also pay annual payments if you have a tower on your property."

This week the company has started sitting down with landowners whose land they will use for transmission towers.
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