Confidence in the Cards

Confidence in the Cards

New off-season weight program renews spirit in Stewartsville
STEWARTSVILLE, Mo. --The Stewartsville Cardinals had a disappointing season last year, but have an empowered attitude for 2011.
"Look out because we're going to be there," says Ryan Graeff, Cardinals quarterback. "We're a whole lot stronger this year," Graeff adds. 

The Cardinals went 2-8 last year. Entering the fall, they believe they've won more games already because they've won the battle off the field.

"My philosophy is to win on the football field these days you have to win in the weight room, and that's what we're doing," said Nathan Whitmer, Stewartsville head coach.
"We will be stronger this year. We've been in the weight room big time this year. Players are looking a lot better than they were last year, all over just looking a lot better," says Graeff.

Whitmer inspired the players to buy into training year 'round. Now the new off-season weight program has renewed the Cardinals spirit.

"We're way better," says Colton Foreman, Cardinals lineman. "We're a different team than we were last year," he adds. 

"They have a lot more confidence," says Whitmer. "They believe that we're going to put the smack down on somebody and that's what we have to have," he added.
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